lift mechanism question


We are planning to add a basic lift mechanism to lift and drop/push mobile goal beyond 10 point line while robot stays in 5 point zone. No intention of moving/dropping to 20 point zone.

We are thinking of using two arms (each arm to hold mobile goal from each side) each powered by its own motor and having 12teeth/84teeh geam combo for each arm. Each arm will be attached to the 84 teeth gear.

Will this provide enough power to lift mobile goal, hold it off the ground until it is moved/dropped to 5 point or 10 point zone? Or will this be too heavy for the shaft to hold the weight? Is it better use servo here than a motor? Any thoughts/suggestions?


I think it will be enough power but it depends on the internal ratio of your motors.

thanks robotguy - i attached my rough sketch of the design too. not sure if it is conveying what i am trying to build. :slight_smile:

What you mean by “internal ratio” of motors - these are 2 wire 393 motors from Vex.

Also - what do people use for lifts - motors or servo?


I think robot guy meant if you re geared the insides of the robot for speed or turbo speed

If you have no intention to score into the 20 points zone, then you might want to consider a passive intake instead.

yes i understand what you are saying and yes i mean the internals as torque, speed, or turbo.
and servos will not work in that application