Lift Mechanism

Can some teams share some ideas on a lifting mechanism??? My team is rebuilding our robot and we want some ideas that we can take a look at.

I feel either a 4 or 6 bar is where it’s at this year,

ok what about some hanging ideas does anyone have anything to share…

For hanging, there are about 5 main designs I know of.

  1. Rack and pinion. Check out the old 333X for this idea.
  2. Straight n bar – forwards. Check out 182C for this.
  3. Straight n bar – backwards. Something like the new 333X bot comes to mind.
  4. Linked double 4 bar. Try RI3D.
  5. Unlinked double 4 bar. 5327C has a good show of this, but it uses a transmission to transfer power here.

Yay our robot’s getting some recognition! Even though we sucked in that video :stuck_out_tongue:

If your running low on motors than we’ve found that our way of hanging actually works pretty great because it allows you to use the front drive motors to assist your hang. Just my two cents :slight_smile:
Other than that I think the new 333X bot, the ri3d bot, and 5327C all have really good ways of hanging.