Lift Motor Synchronize and Possibly PID?

Hello our team needs help with our lift motors the programmer has a basic understanding of the vex robotic coding but does not know much about PID.
We have a six bar lift with two motors controlling each lift, we worry that the one motor is a little slow and is being dragged along by the other so we would like help with syncing them together, as to not destroy the motors and get maximum proficiency. Thank you.


First of all, are you sure that both sides are the same mechanically? It could be a motor gearing issue.

I don’t know much about lift synchronization, but I think if you have encoders on both sides, you can do it so that if one side is higher than the other, it can be slowed down until they are at the same height.

The motors are using the same shaft therefore they turn at the same rate. I see no way to check if they are turning the shaft with equal power. Why don’t you use another motor to see if it changes.

Well, I am going to start off by assuming you have another identical 12-bar on the other side. Correct me if this is not the case. Are you saying that those two sides are not going at the same speed? If so, you can run bars between each side of the lift to help keep them level. If this is not the problem you are trying to solve, then I guess I don’t get what you are asking. Sorry if I’m not much help.