Lift motors locking?

So we are building a DR4B, and quite frequently, when I move the lift up manually (using my hand, no motor input), one or two motors lock up and I can’t move the lift until I wiggle them a little.
-All the motors are new out of the box motors, never been used before
-Since they are all out of the box, they are all torque
-They are all geared the same (1:5 external for the DR4B)
-This only happens on the lift, no other mechanism experiences this
-The motors that lock up are random, as in sometimes it’s one motor, sometimes it’s another, no pattern
-We haven’t tested the lift with actual code yet, so all this is happening when I move the lift up or down with my hands, to test and/or work on something that is under the lift (eg wiring)
Has anyone else experienced this? Help is appreciated, our competition is 4 days away

Check inside the motors, we have found that the gear which connects to the shaft is placed on a metal ring. In the new motors, this ring is prone to falling out which means that the gear has lots of slop and may restrict movement.

Ok we will check on them @RoboTurtleLord

Make sure that you do not have any bent axles on your 12 tooth or 60 tooth gears. You might want to check the motor internal gears to make sure that none of the teeth have broken off. Make sure that you check all four. Also, while checking the internals make sure the plastic pieces that hold the shafts for the internals are not broken as the will make it so the internals can shift out of their place.

Yeah our axles are a little bent, we are working on that. So I’ll see if that fixes it.