Lift only going up

my robot lift is only going up and not down and we have a competition in a week,any body know how to fix it?

can you send us your code? Can’t debug what we can’t see.

be sure to wrap the text in ``` on both sides so its readable.

of course. I am very glad to help you.

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We have our teacher’s husband working on it right now, so i can’t see the code

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If I’m correct, I do believe that is illegal…




G1 Intensifies…

Wow, thats just great

I guess are team dosen’t know, ill tell my coach, but its only our second year doing this, our first year was next level

And hes not like modifying it, he’s just fixing the lift

I don’t think is still ok. We had some sister teams that were doing this last year and they ended up getting an express warning from our head coach and almost got dqed from the season.

Well he didn’t figure out anything, and somehow I fixed it!

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