Lift or descorer?

Hi we Currently have a flag focused bot and we are considering adding a lift onto our robot to score high caps. But we arn’t Sure if it would be better to add a lift or just a descorer. I am more leaning to the side of descorer because we only have 2 spare motors. (not V5) Although it might be possible to free up one more motor. I would like to ask for your input. We currently have a 4 motor mecanum drive, a 4 motor intake ( we also use the intake to help get onto the platform) and a 2 motor double catapult. I can post pictures if that is helpful.

It’d be helpful if you posted pictures

Well, it really depends on space. Is there space for a lift? Most people don’t have the extra room, so they throw on a descorer. It’s quick and simple.

I would lean towards a descorer, because it can speedily knock off caps as compared to the time it would take to score them. It is also very simple to build.

Of course, I would feel more confident in my strong recommendation if I saw a picture or two.

Sorry, it took me a sec to get the pictures.

Complements on the design! It’s all very compact and low.

It seems to me that you could go either way. I could see a DR4B straddling the catapult, and generally looking awesome.

But, a lot of people from around the forum are adamant that a descorer is the way to go. And with its inherent speed, I tend to agree that, for a ball focused robot like this, it’s probably easier.

I would put it out over top of one of the wheels. Mine takes up some empty vertical space there, and it seems to work pretty well in terms of space effiency.

Thanks for the feedback we’ll consider this

Your robot is looking good, thanks for posting the pictures!

I would focus on optimizing your existing subsystems before you worry too much about new ones. High caps usually don’t decide matches, but flags do.

Mecanum wheels seem like good options, but they’re very high friction and clunky. It’s a super easy change, but I’d definitely swap them out for 4" omnis instead.

And I’d also try to get your ball intake the full width of the robot. If you shorten up the chassis slightly, you’ll have space for a longer roller in front, which makes intaking and driving a lot easier. You can see how much the full width intake helped out teams a few years ago in NBN :slight_smile:

As for caps, a descorer is really all you need, but you’d probably be better off devoting your time to your ball mechanism before you start working on anything related to caps. Good luck!

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Thanks and I do agree and currently we are focusing on flags and will just add a simple descorer for the competition this Saturday, and with our double catapult lining up with the flags is critical so we will probably stick with mecanum wheels, but we are tempted to switch to omi’s to get on the platform easier.

if you switch to omnis I would use an omni solid omni drive with a raised solid wheel. It slides onto the platform easily and is at no risk of tipping.

once you fully optimize your ball mechanisms, 2 motors are all you really need to score caps. A passive intake with a 2 motor 4 bar/six bar should work fine. But if you are feeling adventurous then 1010x has a really good cap scoring mechanism with his flywheel at 2:32:20:

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I would also reccomend a descore arm. It is simpler to build and perfect in a short time span.
However if you feel confident with your robot how it is, including build quality and auton, then a simple 2 motor 4 bar could bump you to and even higher level.

I would say start with a descorer and perfect your shooter, and later when your shooter is working to the standards that you want, upgrade the descorer to a small lift.

I agree with the perfecting of other sub systems first. After that I would do a lift because the descorer would be easier but not give you an advantage while, if you did lift you could change caps to your color and actually score points.

we use these and it really helps. that way you could potentially have 3 extra motors, as you’d no longer need 4 on your intake to get on the platform.

your battery appears to be outside the 18" limit judging by the 35 hole wide structure connecting the two sides of the drive train together, or did I miscount?

You didn’t miss count it is just barely by the hair of my chinny chin chin inside the 18 in limit