lift questions

hey forum members
my fellow robotics members from my school what me to build a spatula but the must be more efficent lifts i could build right?
what do you think?

I would say whatever your team wants to build for this season, go ahead and do it. If it does not work, change it. There is always something better.

first off, are you talking about the LIFT or INTAKE/CLAW. If your talking about a claw, the spatula, if executed correctly, is one of the most simple and efficient claws. If you’re talking about a LIFT, it really depends on what you want your robot to do. If you want a low goal scorer, a siple arm is the best. if you want a versitail robot, another type of lift could be better.
Hope this helps.

well, if you have time, i suggest an elevator, but when saying that, if you dont want to do an elevator, 4 bars are good, or 6 bars

Just depends what you wanna do, but anyway … with the vex design system, it is easy to design (autodesk), build, redesign and then adjust.

  • so basically, experiment, never know, might be able to make a lift that is loads better than any of the examples

Good Luck !

I personally would recommend a simple rotational arm as they are very sturdy, reliable, easy to build, and when built correctly are extremely efficient. Additionally, my teams rotational arm can reach and allow for scoring and descoring on both the trough and high goals.

Yes, there are more efficient options. In Vex generally (not just Sack Attack) Lifting too few objects to often means your robot spends too much time lifting and lowering its arm and making multiple trips for objects. Lifting a too many objects too rarely puts too much strain on the robot and makes it both slow and vulnerable to being blocked. There is usually a sensible compromise that takes into account your robot’s strategy.

The problem with spatulas is they lift too few objects. If a trip takes 4 seconds for a spatula robot that can carry two sacks and 10 seconds for a bigger robot that can carry six sacks, the bigger robot is more efficient.

If you build a bigger spatula, though (one that is more like a scoop) that could be successful. Something like a clean sweep bucket-bot that dumps over the back of itself and into the trough.

There’s also the spinning top roller / tray intake, which is almost always decent:
Clean Sweep version
Gateway version