Lift Speed for NbN

I saw a thread that was concerning lift speeds for Skyrise and i thought it could easily apply to our game. So i just figured we can utilize this thread to discuss lift speeds and how to fit that into the 30 min no verticle expansion parameter.

My lift elevates a robot in 17sec to the full 12in. I don’t see a need for a fast lift, what is needed is a sturdy lift that won’t decrease in height elevated after the match.

that is quite impressive. does that include deployment time or is that the entire menuever.

A fast “lift” or method of elevating your partner is needed because that’s 17 seconds of the match that at least one of the robots on your alliance if not both isn’t scoring any balls.

My first lift lifts 40 lbs 13 inches in about 3 seconds, but the mechanism runs after the match ends so it technically takes no time.

How did you manage that? Stored energy? thats impressive.

A bit of stored energy, a bit of rotary action, A LOT of optimization.

Thats really amazing! i cant wait to see it in a reveal video!!!

I’m sure you won’t be disappointed! :smiley:

Does that include the time taken to get your ally onto the lift?

Since it’s meant to be a buzzer beater sort of thing, yes.

how secure is it? because 3 seconds to 12" is 4"/sec. that seems like a dangerously fast speed.

It’s adjustable, so I could make it faster or slower depending on the load. So it won’t throw a claw bot, but can still lift a steel brick or even a well designed stationary robot. 3 seconds is the speed I thought struck a balance between safety and quickness. The method by which it lifts also guarantees security. I have had no issues with it thus far, so I think it’s fine.