Lift Speed

This is a poll about lift speed, type and height. Please anwser the question on the forum, and follow up by answering this Google form

You can then see all the previous anwsers, and I will be posting them here in a few days.

Time for Some Results:

Things The data suggested:

[1]Most teams are using a Double Reverse 4 bar
[2]the average time up is around 3 seconds
[3]Average Height is around 52 inches

I also have a couple of questions,
[1]How does a simple, one bar lift reach 60+ inches?
[2]What is a triple reverse 4 bar work and how does it stack? I would like to see some pictures.

A lot of lifts are very fast! Good Job!

It is commonly misstated the “Danny lift”

Here is a link showing this new lift:

The lift linked to in your thread is a Reverse Double 4 Bar, commonly called a RD4B or DR4B, although the latter doesn’t really make sense.

I’m sure somebody was trolling with the one bar.

Cameron, I posted the Danny lift originally, in case you hadn’t seen. It is possible that a triple reverse 4 bar is not the same as a Danny lift. It might or might not be, but either way, it is fairly fast.

Yes, the one bar was probably trolling haha.

Oh sorry, i thought Danny made that thread. :frowning: Back to the point, I am really interested in this triple reverse four bar. I have never seen one before!

“you see but you do not observe” - Sherlock Holmes.

just one of the many variants:

The triple reverse 4- bar was created after we had issues with double reverse 4- bars tilting inward due to their weight (all steel). We stacked all of the bars vertically to improve balance. However, we had to use shorter bars, so the first version could only reach about 2.5 ft. Since we had extra room, we added another stage. The image is old, I will try to get a new one soon.

I think that it would be a good idea to have a fast but stable lift that’s speed could be changed with a toggle button to make it easier to control.

I was shocked when I saw this thread and opened it because everyone had about three seconds for lifting. Then I realized that the lifting referred to Skyrise and not Nothing but Net. Lol.

Actually, my team has already experimented with lifting in about 2 seconds (not counting deployment and the factors affecting the partner robot, just our robot itself)

But after checking the forums we realised the method we used was illegal :frowning: