Lift System Motor Help

How do you lessen the amount of motors in your lift system?

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You can either change the gear ratio to increase torque applied to the lift, add elastic assist to the mechanism, or add a pneumatic assist to the lift to reduce the torque required by the motor.

Can you describe your problem a little more. Are you wanting to use less motors on your lift so that you can use them on a drive or a thrower? The vex community is more than willing to help, but we are going to need some more information about your problem.
By reducing the amount of motors you use to lift, you decrease your max torque. To lift the same amount of weight, you are going to have to gear it down wich will make it slower. Elastic/ pneumatic assist may also be a good idea and allow for a faster lift.

If you don’t have pneumatics:
Option 1: Gear up even more.
Option 2: Add elastics to assist the lift.

If you have pneumatics:
Step 1: Remove all motors from the lift.
Step 2: Add a pneumatic lock that holds down the lift.
Step 3: Add tons of elastics on the lift to make it go up.