lift using four 269

What is a good chain bar lift using four 269 motors?
CAD drawing would be helpful

Are you and prubby on the same team? >.<

no we are not

I see what you did there!

Anyway, you may want to check out this thread. I’m sure you can find something you like. I would recommend taking a look at 1103’s elevator lift.

If you aren’t going to help out, don’t post anything. If anything you just made 2 people/teams feel bad.

I would recommend looking at for some really good tutorials/articles. More specifically look at this

Also, a good example of a well made chain bar is 323z’s from this year.
Here’s their CAD :
Here’s their thread: [

Hope that helps!](

Sorry… I was not being mean I was asking a serious question… you know I used to be the same way and make a ton of threads…

FYI Prubby is from 4549B EnverCreek Robotics in Surrey B.C the other team members on 4549B are Paul, Manraj (or Munraj I can’t remember how it’s spelled) and Rishabh.

not very nice android

nice! a team from enver creek, surrey (local)!
if u see me at competitions helping out, just say hi
it always nice to meet ppl online and then in person :slight_smile:

Oh ya i just remembered 1107 is local, when I see you teams I’ll try to remember to say hi :slight_smile: 1107 is from Vancouver right?