what is a good lift to use?



Well your going to get 27.5 different answers to your question. There are many different types, here are a few:

Linear Motion:
Double reverse 4 bar
Elevator lift
Scissor lift

Non-linear Motion:

Many teams are building linear-type lifts, because of it’s linear motion. Building a Skyrise and scoring cubes takes less effort/skill with these type of lifts.

There are many different types of good lift mechanisms you can build. However it really depends on the rest of your design. A reverse double four bar or a scissor lift seem to have been the most popular this year because they can reach really high and have linear motion, but there are also many successful teams who use 8 or 6 bars. To decide which lift to use you need to decide what you want your robot to do - eg building skyrises is easier with a linear lift, so if you were doing that you might want a reverse double four bar, but if you are only doing cubes it might be easier to build an 8 bar.

The Reverse Double Four Bar isn’t actually linear, but it is very close :stuck_out_tongue:

Why not? All the Horizontal components cancel with eachother.

Not sure how you constructed yours, but the double reverse 4 bars we’ve built are liner.

That depends on whether you build it to have linear motion.

Yes, but only when the top and bottom 4 bars are identical and go up at the same rate.
If you build it so the lengths of the two 4bars are different of course you will have non linear motion.

A RD4B is like a scissor lift, it’s always linear on one side and not on the other, provided that everything moves together.

EDIT: This is referring to the ends of the bar, not necessarily what is attached on the top.

That is true referring to the bars that make up the lifts.
But that really has very little to do with how what you are lifting lifts.

Ya, I noticed that after I posted. I was thinking that it had a slide at the top for some reason. Silly me.

Any lift is “a good lift to use” depending. On how you build it and what you do with it. When you start designing and discussing what you want to do in the game this year, you will know what lift u want to build.

Sorry for sounding so cliche