Guys and gals, any ideas of a good lifting mechanism that won’t interfere with the shooting mechanism.

Does any body have an idea they think is worthy enough to post in this thread

we haven’t built it yet but our team has a idea to have the other bot drive up a ramp and then a pneumatic piston to thrust the bottom of the ramp up making it level in the air.

good idea
cant wait to see it

I’m sorry that this was rushed, but it’s just an idea that probably wont be taken any farther than this, so no need to do anything better.
It uses 3 motors:
1 to flip down the ramp, and 2 to push up the back of the ramp
You should be fine unless the ramp drops outside of the climbing zone.
I’m sharing this idea because we have a better one, and because we’re not using this one.
Screen shot 2015-08-11 at 17.17.27 .jpg

A popular one is to create a sort of tower, with one side of the tower using chain and sometimes intake flaps to pick the ball up and feed it into a launching mechanism.

I’ve seen a couple of teams do the whole linear slide, motors and robot is pulled up thing, that seems to work for lightish robots in alliance with heavy robots. :smiley:

Also Stanleys design that makes me cringe every time I see it xD Still its easyish to implement without obstruction of your flywheel :stuck_out_tongue:

This video has an interesting lift idea at the end.

In my humble opinion, one of the biggest challenges with lifts is that you need to make a “one size fits most” design that will accommodate different drives, different sizes, even the fact that many kids don’t know how to drive their robots very well, especially when under stress. It’s also a matter of timing and being able to guess how many seconds it might take to deploy your lift and get your alliance to drive up it without rolling over the edge. Ramps also require your alliance to have a chassis high enough that it won’t bottom out (scrape its rear end) when it starts up the ramp.

An interesting design that I saw but couldn’t find the video for is where robot A attaches a hook to robot B and uses the hook to lift itself over the 12 inch mark. Robot A would have to be light and robot B would have to be stable. I’ll try to find the video from my friend …

I know exactly what you are talking about. We probably won’t use that design because our robot is too heavy. Its about 10-15 pounds.
For anybody who wants the link here it is:
Other videos relating to this are on the same channel.

I agree whole heatedly. A ramp especially like the one shown in the video might be ideal. I am not a big fan of Stanley’s design( sorry Stanley ) because as you stated nerves can get into the driver’s system and cause this to happen:
But the space for the wheels on the ramp will need to be big enough to take a variety of different designs including x drives. How do you think they did that lift. I was thinking of “borrowing” their design and then using the whole locking mechanism that VCAT has on their big robot.
Well as always those are my thoughts.

Idk how well you can see the lift at the end, but a platform deployed using pneumatics and then a rubberband assisted lift that is also deployed using pneumatics would be an excellence idea for a lift. 675E also created a 4 stage ramp which you can view from the channel i linked above.

do they use any motors on the lift?

No, they had some sort of mechanism that would hold down the lift, and then the pneumatics would release it. After that the rubberbands did all of the lifting.

oh is there some sort of close up since the video is in 240p

They haven’t released any reveal video for their new lift, and as far as I know, they don’t plan on it.

You might be able to message 675e, I’ll post a link to their account once I’m actually home and have access to my laptop. You may be able to find it before then, though.

if you can that would be great. Then you could email it to me

I sent the email, but incase you didn’t get it, here’s the link:

Alright got it. thanks

Has anyone heard of completely non motorized and non pneumatic lifting mechanism in a competition?