Hey guys its me again
What would be the best way to make a lift for my robot.
I have a vertical single flywheel so I do not wont it getting in the way. My robot is similar but not exact to 8059A from B.L.A.N.K
Would be best way use motors, pneumatics, or both and how could it be done.
Many thanks
David @ 5839A

I have something else to say
How can I add a transmission for my team’s X drive.
I want to have a transmission that shifts from normal drive to a high torque drive so other robot will have a harder time pushing us and we will be able to push other robots better.

This can be done, but it would be a waste of time because of the size and complexity of the mechanism. (I assume you don’t want a transmission on each wheel) so it would definitely require a near full rebuild of your drive and probably the whole robot to accomplish this. Most of the time X-drives are chosen because of their maneuverability and not their pushing power. Just my thoughts.

you have a really good point. Thanks for your help.
any thoughts on a lift mechanism

we are going to use a ramp/plate for our lifter if we make one, it will be a ramp, and we will use a winch to pull a robot up it, then we will raise the ramp with pistons to lift the robot