Lifting Bots

Ok so we all now about the 50 point bonus that is gained from lifting your team bot off the ground.

However has anyone accomplished this consistently no matter the bot? Our team ditched the idea and began working on being able to do full court shots our entire school in fact.

Not sure if it’s only our school that has reached this conclusion but I’m really intrigued on how the rest of community is currently doing with lifting one another.

I’ve worked on a prototype that can definitely lift any robot, which has confirmed that this is not the challenge. The only restriction I can see for any decently thought out lifting robot is the neglegence of their partner. As long as a team designs their lift to be as versitle as possible and their partner designed their robot with the same idea in mind that is as close as you can get to universal compatibility. This is the teamwork element I think the GDC was going for when they introduced elevation.

Any chance you will be doing any kind of reveal for this system?

Agreed I would very much myself like to see it as well :slight_smile:

Everyone would love to see it but lifting mechanisms have been the most secretive thing this summer…

Kids starting to work on their 50pt lift and full court shooter. As well as making it an after buzzer lift. Currently works with most robot designs.

Yes. It will be included in some kind of summer/early season reveal.

We had a community outreach event a few nights ago and decided to bring one of our teams prototypes for lifting a robot. Its two FRC totes from last years game Recycle Rush they weigh approx. 7.8lbs. We are gonna continue to tweak it for competition season as well as a shooter.