Lifting goals up

I recently saw a video of a team showing off the over under field. I saw that the top of the goals were liftable. Are we allowed to lift them up mid match with our robot?

Please read the game manual and the QNA. In this case, your question will be answered by rule SG5.


Respectfully, read the manual.

However, to save you some time…
Yes, kindof
During the match, you are permitted to raise the goal cover as long as no other rules are being violated. However, If you look at <SG5> and <SC3> There is suddenly very little reason one would be motivated to raise the cover:

The reason <SC3> matters is because in the process of lifting the goal cover, if you lift it too far, certain Triballs will no longer be “under the Net”, thus descoring them. This act of descoring by lifting the net would then be a violation of the intent of <SG5>.

Yes, <SG5> didn’t specifically mention the word “descore”, rather using the word “remove”, but almost certainly the intent of this wording specifically regards the scored nature of any Triballs; under normal circumstances, “removing” a Triball would also “descore” it.

So long as you don’t become entangled in the net, and are not adding or removing Tribals, you can lift the net structure.


Welcome to the forum. This is a classic RTM (read the manual) question. If I were to answer it, I would be denying you the chance to learn the solution to all of this sort of question.

The question you are asking relates to this year’s game elements, and therefore will be a SG rule (Specific Game Rule). There is a summary list of those rules at the beginning of the manual to help you find the right one.


Welcome to the community. We highly recommend that you read through the game manual, and utilized the search bar on the forum. We are happy to see new posts, but there are already threads covering this topic.

Here is a link to the game manual: Over Under Game Manual (Look for SG5)

Doing a search for for Lift Nets on the Vex Forum takes you to here: Vex Over Under Rules Discussion - #57 by Bean