Lifting in Autonomous

I’m not sure entirely of all this game’s specific rules yet, but I have read thought the rulebook a couple of times. I was wondering if a lift would be possible in the 15 second autonomous. I do realize that the 12 points is not added to the total score unless if you hang at the end, and the fact that we would have to leave the post when driver control starts. I’m just asking this since it would almost be a guaranteed autonomous win, and I didn’t see anything concerning this in the rulebook.

Yes, you can lift in autonomous.

This is legal. Your understanding of the points is correct. Technically, you would not “have” to leave the post, but it would be beneficial.

Yep, Totally legal. I hope to see you this Saturday at Apollo! Good luck.

You too Sam!

This has been answered many times. Before you start a thread looking for the answer to a question, use the search bar on the top right of the home screen and search your question.

Hmm… Maybe I should use the search bar before making a post :stuck_out_tongue:
It seems like there is “a couple” of links about the same exact topic: