Lifting intake device

We are looking to make a lifting intake device as shown in the link below. Could somebody please help us with how to design this. We cannot see the intricacies involved. It is shown at 1:13 into the video.

Thank you!!!

it’s just pieces of belt with fins on them, that trap the ball between them and a plate and roll the ball up a plate

Thank you for your reply! We were curious about how it lifted up when the ball went through, rather than staying in one place like the other intake devices.

At 0:22 it looks a lot like a linear slide

Do you mean the wheels?

At the top it looks like the balls just ‘pop’ out from the compression and from the fins.

Thanks for your help. Yep, we were wondering about the wheels.

Just to tell you, you do not need the slides to lift the front wheels. Look at ELEVATED 1.0 (link below) the slides are not in use on it, we just had not taken them off from testing it.