Lifting Mechanism Help

I have tried many heavy duty lifting mechanisms on the front and the back of the robot but none of them worked as good as I hoped. I have tried gears, chains, and combinations of both. When I used gears I always tried to have a lot of torque because the weight load exceeded 5-10 pounds. :eek: I have tried to immitate the BottleBot design made by RadioShack, but I could never really make the lifting mechanism work. The BottleBot ( was a good example of the lifting device, but I need different lifting devices. Should I use gear combinations, or will 2 gears per motor work? If you can, please post some images of lifting mechanisms or some other info that would help me.


i would definitely try gear combinations
and by the looks of it, the bottlebot has gear combinations on it

ya gears are the way to go when lifting heavy things

try whieghts on the back of ure arm tomake it easier on the motor;)

Here a pic of my lift. At the moment it just has a dozer blade attached, but I’m building a grab. I used 3 sets of compound gears to really gear it down. It will lift the back wheels of the bot off the ground when you crank it up. and the bot weighs 7lb 4ounces.

Thanks for the help!!

If possible that’s the way to go. It will give the arm more inertia, but it will make the motors be able to lift things they might not otherwise be able to lift.

Counter Weight and higher gear ratio along with a shorter arm will increase your lifting capacity