Lifting Our Arena


Our team is thinking about lifting our arena because we had a couple of teams that made it to worlds. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to approach doing this? Maybe dimensions, materials, etc.? Any ideas will help.


When we did, we just made a plywood box, then added supports for the field floor, covered it in plywood and then just set the field on top.

It should be a few inches larger on each side than 12 feet to fit everything properly.


Would you happen to have any pictures that we could reference? We have a general idea of what we want to do, but pictures would be helpful. Also, is it sturdy enough that you guys can stand on it?


I don’t happen too, but it was definitely sturdy enough.

Edit: just make sure you use enough supports, 2x4s work well for under the plywood


So, if you use the search button (the magnifying glass in the upper right of your screen), a search for “raised fields” will give you lots of previous threads, including this one:


My school built an elevated field last season. If I can find the plans we made I’ll post them.
We used wood, a lot of 2x4s and plywood. And we made 9 3x3 foot sections so that we can move it out of the room for storage over the summer. We tried to do it for relatively cheap so it might not be the best method but it’s been working well for us. It took a lot of time and effort though.


If you can find the plans, that would be extremely helpful. If not, are there any alternative ways to lift our arena temporarily. We only want to lift it after nationals and through worlds. So only for a few weeks. But if it’s permanent, it’s probably not a big deal.


I’ll try to find the plans, it won’t be till like 3:40 central time though. We should still have them.

Temporarily, I don’t know. You could try to find the right size and sturdy enough tables to try and set the field up on but that doesn’t sound very safe.


Safety != VEX

E.g. we broke a light in our workshop with our flywheel. But our sponsor didn’t care