Lifting Robot Off Starting Tile During Autonomous

Is it legal per rule SG4 to lift your robot vertically off of your alliance starting tile during autonomous? If so, would one be allowed to autonomously move one’s robot underneath the lifted robot. I.E. a team on the front tile lifts their robot vertically off of the tile and the team with the back tile backs up so that their robot drives underneath the front tile team’s robot not staying on the tile, but moving past it on their way into the goal zone.

The Toss Up Q&A is closed, so I am moving this to a community forum.

Pretty sure the answer is yes, there was a Q&A on this exact question recently.

Do you happen to have a link for that?

thanks for the help, found the thread that answers our situation.

I didn’t think this would actually be relevant, but now that so many teams have hanging zone auton routines that stash 3 buckies I’m sure we’ll see it at Worlds.