lifts for a robot

whatis the best lift we can use on our robot it is a single fly wheel with
4 motors-flywheel
2 motors-intake
2- mnotors drive
3 pistons and two tanks on robot with 2 available epistions

Can you show a picture? Probably a ramp would be best.

No, I see some issues already. Try to avoid use of pneumatics

  1. try to have a 4 motor drive, I cannot tell you how many times a lift has been denied by blocking
  2. 2 motor intake is fine
  3. Use the last 2 motors and add to the 4 motor flywheel (s?) to make a 6 motor

At this point, you might be wondering on how you can make the whole system work and still have a lift. Vex limits motor amounts and pneumatics as well. What you can use is

  1. String
  2. Rubber bands

Create a ramp that uses rubber bands to launch via axles on the side of c-channels
Make the firing system an axle that needs to be pulled out, stuck through holes on the c-channels
Connect the axle, via string, to a wheel and pulley so that when the wheel spins, the pin is pulled.
Connect that wheel to a ratchet and pawl and connect that to the flywheels

This means that

  1. Overall performance is not affected, but actually improved
  2. Better flywheel performance
  3. Reversing the flywheels will trigger the ramps being launched, the ratchet and pawl make sure that they do not trigger when flywheels are in use

Hard to think where it can be without any photos, preferably coming out the back

RZ2000… Have you ever actually tried this setup? Our team thought of running our launcher backwards to lift, but feared a ratchet on the flywheel would increase friction. And in the end, if this friction causes you to score less then it’s not really worth the lift.

Yes, I actually made a robot with this system. Since you are adding TWO motors to flywheel, you counteract all friction caused by the ratchet, you actually GAIN power

Very true, but why add two motors to the flywheel instead of just using those two to deploy the lift?

Since the lift does not require any motors, you might as well improve flywheel performance. Using two motors to deploy the lift is a waste of potential power. I see no reason why you would opt no use the motors to deploy ramp. Perhaps some pictures of the robot? Also if you must, use one motor to deploy and have 5 motor flywheel

Oh sorry, I missed the gain power part. I thought you were saying you would just counteract the friction added… However I would have to say the 5 motor launcher and 1 motor deploy makes more sense to me, although I could be wrong.

Whatever feels better for you! I do think that higher flywheel power is better that a bit of friction. I would like photos to see options for lift system