Lifts for mobile cones???

We need a bit of robot help.

For our team this year, we chose to do a six-bar lift contrary to the reverse double 4 bar we’ve seen at every competition this year. We got the excellence award at our latest competition (but we kinda sucked) and we want to make a lift that would be able to pick up the mobile cones well enough. We originally wanted to make it passive, but our robot is huge and there’s no way to squeeze it into the 1 and a half inches that we have left.

Our robot initially was a tank of sorts, with treads and sprockets for wheels and a simple claw because we had 1 day to build a functioning robot before competition… yeah. It sucked so badly, but we made a comeback. Now, we want to put that robot to the side and build a new one that will hopefully work better for our next competition and state. We already have some of the base built; our wheels will most likely be changed to omni wheels but we’re substituting our original treads and sprockets; only now the treads are only around each individual sprocket to mimic the look and feel of omni wheels.

We are making an H base and are wondering how to fit in both the six bar and the mobile cone lift. We also need to know the basic idea of building a small lift that will help us transport the mobile cones if possible. Thanks, from future me (if anyone helps)

First, please no H drive.
Plz plz plz plz don’t waste one perfectly beautiful motor for that. Absolutely unnecessary and you could use that motor for other things.
As for building a new bot, I would suggest that you create a solid base first (preferably a tank 4 or 6 motor high speed drive).
Once you have built that, you should move on to creating a fast mobile goal lift which can be found all over youtube.
Some examples of decent ones are:


@Vexly thanks a bunch! Our team captain is lacking a lot in building things; she is more geared towards writing that stupid competition notebook that no one likes…

I’m one of the main builders on the team and I also thought the H base was a little off; I’ll be sure to tell our captain that and make sure we can get our robot working. Thank you for replying! :smiley:

No problem. Keep us updated or just PM me if u need anything.

I would recommend staying away from tank tread at all costs (if on a competition robot). I agree with @Vexly that H drive is unneccesary. Also the mobile goal lift is probably the most important part, so get that working first. Since mobile goals are worth more points.

As the team captain, she’s probably the best person to be doing the notebook. And if she’s doing a good job with it, that’s probably earning you a lot of points for design. More importantly, it means you can refer back to a good notebook to check different things that you calculated, measured, designed, etc. earlier. Sounds like she’s more likely to become the manager at a company with other engineers working under her.

A 4 wheel 0-degree turn drive is commonly referred to as a “tank drive” like an h drive without the middle wheel.

I realize this, but OP said:

It seemed to me like actual tank treads are being referenced (emphasis mine)

Who tf would recommend tank treads as a drive…

Thanks to everyone who replied! Our team is going over this and making a ton of progress!

@Easton thanks for the tip! we’ll be sure to make note of that :slight_smile: we chose to have more of a tank drive while we’re waiting on our omni wheels, so they’re just temporary until they arrive.

@callen Yup! Because of her, we won the Middle School Excellence Award at our last competition, so we’re incredibly grateful that she decided to take the notebook into her own hands. :slight_smile:

@Vexly again, she isn’t really good with pitching ideas; she likes to plan things in theory, and we test out whether they’ll actually work :stuck_out_tongue:

@Chaotic Squirrel lolololol

Around January we’ll be fully done with the robot and be able to reveal it! It might be a tiny bit late, but we’re excited to show off our best robot yet! (Our previous robots have been a little on the simpler side… but its cool its cool)