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As we already have a discussion for launchers may i start a thread about types of ways to get up.off the ground?

right now i have a few ideas as having a expanding ramp and having it so that the robot is at 12 inches high so that it wont require a lifting system.

The second way was having a transmission to switch from your drive to a 4 bar which it will pick up the other robot. if done right it will make your robot stationary with the help of a break and get maximum use of all motors in my opinion.

My second idea seems to make sense to me but i am not sure everyone will see it. If you wish to add to it by all means go ahead.

I like the ramp idea, though it may make things a little difficult if teams have varying drivetrain widths. The lifting idea seems like it could be difficult to implement, but if it can be done successfully, it could be a better way to do it.

So I had the same idea for a 4bar and add a plate or something that foulded out when it needed to. This plate could accommodate and robot size. The lift would have a pneumatic assist along with the motors doing the work.

Pneumatic assists seem to make a lot of sense this year- unfortunately, my club broke our first pneumatics kit due to a miscommunication (long story short- software misprogrammed and totaled the robot) so I hope there will be ways to do this without that kind of assist…

If it helps, you can individually order the parts of the kit. Tanks, pistons, tubes, fittings, and more. Just search the part number. But you could also use a ton of elastic energy from rubber bands and such.


Recycle Rush people know what’s up.

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This could work but you can not leave it like 1114 does you need to let it go in last 30 seconds.

I have the ultimate strategy. but need to test it first.

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EDIT: Actually no, I was just kidding. I wanted to see what the forums reaction was. It wasn’t very exciting. :frowning:

mind = blown :eek:

Too bad the lifting system will probably only be used to lift the other robot at the end of the match. Maybe vex wants this to be a team thing challlenge where only one robot shoots and one robot lifts. :confused:

If you bring a robot that can do nothing but lift its partner, you will be effectively useless. You HAVE to be able to shoot, or at least dump in the low goal.

If you’re dumping a feature, dump being able to drive. Stationary shooting+lifting means you contribute up to 210 points (32*5 from balls, 50 from the lift) to an alliance. Then, you just go get a speedy partner and go to town.

Vex hover motors?

I’m definitely doing two long C-channels on the side of my regular robot with a launcher that are at least 12 inches up (or a little higher so there are no disputes on “high elevating”) and two 18-inch ramps (one on either side of the robot for either C-channel) that are pulled up and over the robot and down to the ground by rubber bands that are released by a pneumatic piston. Not a problem having enough air, either – I’m not planning on a pneumatic launcher.

Additionally, I’m planning to include anti-slip mat on the edge of these ramps so as to not “scuff” the field and also on the tops of these ramps so alliance partners of all types can easily get up, unless they have the heaviest robot with the weakest drive motors ever or have ridiculously narrow wheel width. I’d suggest a “standard gauge” of about 16"-17" apart for all robots to be able to climb up robots using the ramp plan.

the ramp idea will restrict the size of your robot
assuming your robot is 18" wide and 18" long you would only have 12" space on the outside for a ramp

also if the top of the ramp is is >13" tall you will have to make it fold

The climbing zone is all 4 tiles, not just the triangle.

Hm, I thought the climbing zone included the volume of all four tiles entirely… I am specifically looking at rule SG-10 and the image below it. Please corect me if I’m mistaken. This would mean you would have about 30 inches of horizontal distance to expand an 18 inch wide robot, making a ramp very feasible.

You are correct. All four tiles shown in the picture make up the climbing zone.

Assuming the other does not damage or crush your robot.

WARNING: This is a theoretical idea that I came up with in 30 seconds.

What if you had your lift partly raised, and you had a fold out ramp. The ramp and lift would stay above your collector/launcher. Shoot and collect til the last thirty seconds, then you would lower your lift and fold out the ramp, and your partner could drive on to your robot. This wouldn’t have to be as steep because you have ~2 tiles to expand on. Then you just raise your lift above 12 inches, and you now have 50 more points.