Hi , recently my team and i have been reconfiguring our lift system but we have had some issues, we are trying to get a scissor lift to work but i cannot figure out how to get the platform on the top to attach, and we cannot start on a liner track from the very front of the track, any suggestions how to fix my problem. if Im being confusing just let me know and i can clarify.
Any help or suggestions are appreciated

To attach the platform at the top try doing what we the last 2 years for the scissor lift . Just have slides attached to the top of the lift and have the platform attached to that.

Well first of all, whether this is to high lift for nbn for if your still working on skyrise, i would suggest checking out the reveal videos on YouTube for all the other scissor lifts from last year. Second, I’m not quite sure what your asking but generally speaking, vex scissor lifts run on linear slides on both the top and the bottom. Many teams use that sort c channel like piece that comes with the linear motion kit mounted with the sliding trucks on the other side. If you need super low friction, you can use some roller i guess. If u need more help, post a picture so it’s easier to understand your question.

If you are using a scissor lift as a lift system, you most definitely need encoders or else the robot will fall off the side. How exactly is a scissor lift lift supposed to work?

You do not NEED encoders on both sides. Arm correction programs often do help, but the most important thing is lots of cross bracings. Often as much as (2) 5x c channels per stage. Probably more when lifting another robot. You might also try doubling up the c channels by interlinking them inside of each other before mounting them so they take up less room.

Youtube some stuff from last year (Skyrise). A lot of teams made some very good 3-4 stage scissors. There are lots of ways to build/ power them.

Ya I built a scissor last year, we had encoders for the balance on programming skills. But in reality they didn’t do much and you definitely don’t need them. There is no manipulator to go in between the two sides this year so you can attach a lot of bracing that will keep the two sides balanced no matter what.