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My team is trying to find a lift that will work well for change up. We’ve gone over a dozen different lift ideas, but we feel like if we pick the ones we’ve looked at, we will settle. Can anyone recommend a pdf of your own personal ideas that could help us? Thanks!

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This is a really good resource I would recommend watching these


I would recommend a 4 bar for change up.


A chain bar could also work as well.


Just don’t do a DR4B, because that is WAY overkill for this year’s game.


I am not sure if I would recommend cascade lifts but I am adding it just in case:


Agreed thx for the insight

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I definitely would keep it simple. A 4-bar would probably be best. Though DR4Bs are fun, it would be a bit overkill for what you need this season.


If you are dead-set on using a lift, a 4-bar is probably the best way to go. You might also want to put the 4-bar on “backward” like 81K’s Change Up concept. this design will have a much faster cycle time because you don’t need to back away from the goal to raise the lift.

A lift will be competitive in the early season, but as the season goes on and if you make it to States or Worlds, you might want to think about changing to a snail-bot for even faster cycle time.

4 bar is your best option, a chainbar is more compact but if the chain breaks (which can happen, though rarely) its not fun.


The thing about chain isn’t the fact that it snaps (as this can be mitigated by specially drilling tiny vex legal screws into the points where the chain links meet, making the chain virtually unbreakable in vex applications without adding extra friction or making new joints [which would restrict movement in the same way rubber banding or zip-tying chain links would do]); its the fact that chain has a lot of slop. Aside from slop (assuming you have some way to guarantee the chain can’t snap by using a method like I described or something similar), chain really doesn’t have many other drawbacks


I’ve heard that a lot, and that was even pur choice we were thinking about doing before I asked this question. As much as I would like to find a different one, I think this would be our best option and I told my team that. Thank y’all so much for the feedback!

I would recommend you do a four bar lift and not use chain. Why? Well this is because the lift is fairly simple and would not take up more space or weight than it needs to, the balls are fairly light so you arm should be ok and using chain can cause a lot of problems if it snaps mid match so just keep it simple and light using aluminum. :slight_smile:


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