Lifts on goofy bot

For those of you who have the goofy bot design , would you mind dropping the specs of your lift for the arms. Obviously the gear reduction needed on the lift is going to vary depending on the weight of the arms, but I just want to get an idea of what other teams are doing. Thanks!

7:1 with a 100rpm motor and banding. It works fine without the banding actually, but it helps to reduce stress on the motor, and prevents burnouts at comps when I’m playing the tower game often.


25:1 600rpm and banding

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5:1 100rpm with banding

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7:1 200 rpm with banding.

7:1 100 RPM, no banding

is tihs a single motor or two?

5:1 100 rpm, with banding (in the future)

1:7 100 rpm is plenty, you should not need more than this.
1:5 100 rpm is a good place to go if you have semi-light arms with good banding
1:7 200 rpm is fast, but only works if you have pretty light arms and/or lots of banding.
1:5 200 rpm is technically possible, but difficult. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are very confident of your build quality.


I think this is the best option and is very versatile. Again, rubber banding is in any lift should be used to cancel the weight of the arms, and this ratio is enough to pick up a cube with just about any type of lift. Anything greater is overkill for a goofy bot, and if you have issues with it then you probably have a building issue with friction or banding.


We have a 7:1 100 rpm lift with banding. It worked fine without the bands, but it works much better and the banding helps reduce the stress on the motor.

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5:1 100 rpm no banding, but it is all high strengthen with the axle across both arms

1:15 torque 2 200rpm motors and minimal banding (2-Bar)

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Single motor lul, 2 would be too powerful

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600rpm 1:25 is 24rpm
100rpm 1:7 is ~14rpm

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