Lifts using V5?

Hey y’all, so currently we have a design that requires 2 lifts to work, which would mean that each lift would only have 1 motor. However, this design would only be optimal if the lifts move fast. So what I’m trying to ask is from all of y’all experience with V5 and lifts, have you guys had fast, efficient lifts?

how many cubes

Depending on how high you intend to lift, you could probably make one DR4B tall enough if you make the top linkage a 6 bar.

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how many cubes are u wanting 2 lift and are u using a dr4b wth a 6 bar lnkage on top

if u are lifting only like 2 it can be really fast but if your going for like 5-6 youll need be slower even wth v5

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its a cascade with a 2 bar lift that should be able to reach the highest pole

I am not using a dr4b, instead it would be a cascade lift with a 2 bar attached to it that would be able to place cubes in a pole and also be able to create a stack on its backside of like 8 cubes hypothetically

if your tryna lift 8 cubes your lift will unfortantly half 2 be slow

Cascade lifts in VEX are high-friction, high-complexity, and generally low-performance. It’s very difficult to make a one-motor cascade lift in the first place, and almost impossible to make it fast.

I would strongly urge you to use a DR4B/DR6B instead if you can. Single-motor DR4B’s are possible, and could potentially be fast with some tuning if built to be very light and only carrying one or two cubes at a time.

If you intend to lift multiple cubes at once, you almost certainly need a two-motor lift.

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hers a 1 motor liftone motor dr4b

I have a one motor dr4b right now and I have it at 12.5:1. I doubt it will be able to lift more than 4 cubes

4 cubes is aprox amitly 2.2 pounds right so if you externally gear it 2 like say 7 to 1 culdnt ir pick up more or is ir the size issue

I have it externally geared 5:1 then geared 5:1 on a 200 rpm cartridge. I could be wrong, I haven’t done extensive testing, but I doubt I’ll be able to lift more than 4-5 cubes

If you find a lift V4 lift design, you should be fine with dividing the motor count by two.

Basically the way this would work is that it would hold a chain bar lift on top of it that could only hold one cube at a time, that could then load the cube into a reverse stacker

Rubber bands are your friend.

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not if friction is stronger.


Friction can almost always be reduced, and rubber bands help counter friction so the motors don’t have to do as much of work as they would without them.


Not really, friction is friction - adding motors or rubber bands to “count friction” just is a symptom that you have not resolved the friction problem. First fix root cause of problems, then use other methods to optimize the design goals.

Similarly, if the structure is not properly aligned.

note this is a common issue to all teams…


This is true, but in my experience, less friction means less stability on a lift. In my opinion, a really good lift has a little more friction in order to add a lot more stability. I’m not saying anyone should ignore friction on a lift, and many teams have too much friction, but just a small amount of friction doesn’t cause a problem if you add a few more rubber bands.

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