Are double reverse 4 and six bars useful for this year?

I am more interesting in scissor lifts for this one just because, if built correctly, are very effective. That being said, 4, 6, and 8 bar lifts can reach very high heights. The only issue that I can see is that they are not as quick or effective. They also burn motors quicker than scissor lifts.

This isn’t always true, scissor lifts can have way more friction and don’t give the advantage of being as strong because of the way its built. It’s true that a scissor lift can move fast and have little friction, but when it comes down to it, the 4 bar will be less flimsy and stronger depending on the gear ratio.

I agree with that. That was the one thing that prevented my club from doing scissor lifts in the pasts. My team is going to prototype both and see which works better. The lifts need to be built perfectly I believe that the speed of the lift, will decide the winner of the matches.

What would be the need for a lift this year that you guys see versus a rubberband device that can launch from the 18 and something such as a two motor rubber band assisted elevator lift for hanging?

So a lift needs to be fast enough where an enemy can’t score/descore more points, 2 triangles. (Your score Down from 4 pts 2 to 1 pts2 and their score up the same amount = 12) so what is everyone’s pts scored per second guess? Then we use that to figure out how long a lift has… My guess is 1 pts/sec but that is just guessing giving lifting 12 seconds?

I’d say an alliance will probably be able to do 2-3 far zones per second

That gives lifting half a second…

hmm, how to lift in half a second? but you need to remember you still have an alliance partner shooting back.

You do it by preparing your mechanism to wind slowly and fire instantly. That way you wind for the whole last minute and at the last second fire the lift.

we were thinking of a elastically springed elevator, that would fire up, and be winched back in after. this would be for climbing as well as a star hitter for the ones on the fence in auton, maby with a bar that expands out, like 1114’s 2015 frc can grabbers, but pushing them instead of pulling

that or you lift like 148 and 33 lifted in 2010 frc game which also had climbing poles. grabbing on and swinging up.

or… you take the 2013 frc 118 approach, which i think is too slow and without enough traction with vex parts.

Maybe a grappling hook xD
[0:40 for hook]

just shoot it in the center of the tube
no joke though, 1727A used a grappling hook in toss up to climb.

That honestly isn’t a bad idea! Also, this ‘grappling hook’ idea would almost make you certainly get"Amaze Award".

of course, once it was copied, teams would shoot their hook into their opponents climbing pole (which is of course legal), thus denying their opponents a grappling hook climb and enabling their partners to climb.
jk, but i would be a little worried about consistency