What lifts are your teams running?

My team is running a 4 bar or a 6 bar. we tried a DR4B but we need to make some changes to make it optimal for an all in one bot.

We’re working on a DR4B

We’ve prototyped a six bar and are currently prototyping a dr4b and a cascade. We’ll go with whichever we find to be best. Considering our current data the Dr4b will probably be the best

We’re doing a chainbar, because while we still want to put caps on posts, our priority is the flags. And honestly, anything more is overkill.

We’re running an elevator lift.

Personally I feel like a DR4B is kind of overkill what made you lean toward it?

It’s a linear n bar lift. Furthermore we couldn’t get the six bar to reach above 34” even with rebuilding it three or four times

h m m m m m. That seems more like a problem with your setup. 6-bar should easily be able to reach 34". I prototyped a 4-bar that reached that height. Your spacing must not be ideal.

As for my general comments, use whatever works. keep in mind that you may have to make a dedicated post aligner if you are using a non-linear lift which isn’t hard but it’s something you have to look out for

I think linear lifts are great because they often are very space efficient. At least, that’s how we feel about them.

How did you get a 4-bar to go that high?

It was offset so it went completely vertical. It worked well enough, but I personally wouldn’t recommend it because of how little wiggle room I got when fully vertical

My team is currently working on the [mini] DR4B all for a cap. I [personally] wouldn’t go through all the trouble on building a DR4B to lift a cap. I recommend just a regular clawbot claw that could reach over 20" in height and a mechanism that would flip the cap while attached to the clawbot lift. The cap is rather light.

We are running a DR4B mainly because it is a linear lift. Also, with a DR4B, you have enough height to pick a cap up off of a high post, raise it up, flip it, and put it back onto the high post. With other lifts like a 4 bar, 6 bar, or chain bars, it is very hard to just reach the high post

Personally, making a well spaced and efficient 6b should be able to do low and high posts fine. Now, this is assuming you have an ideal amount of space and a very long 6b. For teams that have cramped space to work with a lift, I recommend to stick for low posts only and devise a mech to knock off high pole caps that are not your color.

If you have a cramped up amount of space then you either didn’t plan ahead or made some bad decisions in CAD.

I don’t know. It seems like in this game there is reason to want to potentially extend below the bottom of the wheels, too. To keep a robot legal, it’s top would have to come down as well. Let’s say you want to extend down 2" with bars on multiple sides. Now your maximum fixed height for parts is 16". So in such a case, you want to keep your tower’s top below 16" above the floor. Let’s say 15.5" to leave a little room for deviations, wires, whatever. That might make space quite cramped to begin with for a 6b trying to place caps on high poles, and that isn’t about planning poorly nor about doing things poorly in CAD.

That again comes down to your design and how you plan for that. You could easily work around that if you come up with a different method of extending or another way

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18 hole DR4B. Goes perfectly with the 36 inch pole.