Light beam

I was trying to use the Light Sensor (276-2158) and Flashlight (276-2210) to sense cubes. It seams to work with an incandescent flash; but not with 276-2210 LED.

I also tried (2) Line Trackers (276-2154), one as a source and one 14” away as a sensor; this did not work.

I have used the Ultrasonic Range Finder (276-2155) to sense objects, think the photo beam would be more precise.

Is there a VEX EDR way to have a light beam?

Ive never used the light sensors, but I expect that the LED won’t emit enough ambient light to reliably detect. You also have to adapt for the wildly different lightings at events, so i would advise against using the light sensors. The line tracker has a range of just a few millimetres and actually detects IR rather than colour, so you wont have much success there either!

The best you could use is probably the newish vision sensor, however, these arn’t amazing in my experience.

So, your trying to detect cubes by making them break a light beam? if so you dont need to do this, just use a line sensor that almost touches where the cubes are going to be. When the cubes go over the line sensor it should be able to see a change in light and detect the cube


I’m actually using a light sensor to detect cubes. no flashlight needed, my sensor is embedded in my tray so that when a cube moves over it, it blocks almost all light.


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