light sensor program

is it possible. for a robot with 1 lightsensor on the front to follow a flashlight when u are not driving./ atonomusly. i can’t figure out a code so that it will steer twords the light if u could post one it would be a huge help thanks.

You could be it wouldn’t follow the light well. You would be much better off to use at least two sensors for this task.

ok could u possibly write show me steps on how to get it to follow it. i am new to vex. thanks for the help

Step 1: Find The value that the sensor returns with a flashlight in a dark room.
(Use Online Window)
Step 2: Have robot Spin till it sees the light
Single Sensor - Step 3: Drive toward the light if the value drops below a cetain value start spinning again.
Dual Sensor - Step 3: If a sensor falls below threshold slowdown the opposite wheel. If both fall too low then start spinning again.


You could mount a sensor on a servo and write a scanning program to scan for the light.

ok thanks.