Light sensor question

So im making a marble sorter and im just wondering how can i make the light sensor react on 3 different values for example lets say:
wood marble:1000
glass marble:1900
metal marble:900
how can i make this so it operates a motor a certain amount of time if the light sensor detects it A simple if lightsensor value is <900 start motor? . Also how much time does the light sensor need to find a value?

Hello AlmightSo,

Thank you for joining the VEX forums! If you would like some help programming your robot there are a number of different avenues available to you. If you are a bit newer to programming some sample code might set you on the right track. It also may be valuable to understand how it works. For more advanced assistance we recommend that you start a dialogue with other members of the VEX community in the Unofficial Tech Support forum.

Best of luck programming your Light Sensor! If you have more questions please don’t hesitate to ask on the VEX forum. This community is full of smart and helpful students and mentors.