Lightest designs?

What are the lightest drivebases that are usable? I’m CADing a 4m walker, and I want to be able to shuffle as fast as possible.

if you’re trying to make a walking robot (I’m assuming as an off season or side project, not for competition) then you’re not really going to be able to compare it to normal drives in terms of weight, since the required structure is different.


Here are some tips for general weight-reduction strategies, although as Xenon27 said, the two structures are different.

  1. Use angles instead of c-channel where there is less stress

  2. Minimize nylocks when not necessary and use keps nuts. Keps nuts are lighter

  3. Try to reduce the number of metal shaft collars and use the plastic ones when you can for low stress applications

  4. Use plastic spacers instead of standoffs. Plastic is lighter than metal. I would only recommend using spacers up to 0.5 in gaps, though

  5. Reduce the size of the entire robot