Lights - Cortex 2.0 vs. Natural Language

I am trying to find the code that will turn on a flashlight, and/or an LED.
I am using Cortex 2.0 for my platform, not PLTW natural language. I am having trouble finding a description of how to turn a light on/off using 2.0. Everything I find on-line gives the commands for natural language which does not seem to work when platform is 2.0.
Does anyone have an example of the commands for turning on a flashlight and LED using 2.0?

If anyone has some time, can you explain what the difference is between nat. lang. and 2.0, and how it came into being. I don’t use nat. lang. much because I am under the impression that it only works with certain configurations of a robot, and I am not doing this in my class.