Limit Switch Issue

Hello, I’ve run into another problem recently. The limit switch for my catapult always shows as pressed in the program regardless of its actual state. We’ve tried it with multiple ports and multiple limit switches. However, if we stop the program and go to the sensor page in the devices page, it shows as working properly. If we then go back to our program, the limit switch works correctly.
Again, I am using rbuild with visual studio. Here is my program:

Please find in the above link a video of us demonstrating the process required to get the limit switch to work properly.

One of our teams has a very similar issue with a limit switch that seems to have started after the most recent firmware update. It also shows as pressed all the time. It had been working correctly for a couple of weeks.

Is this running on v1.0.4 of the firmware too?

We are looking into it.

Just a chime in, we are seeing this on our V5 we updated yesterday, and the ultrasonic that team is using also won’t work.

If you are using v1.0.4, then all the Legacy ports no longer work. See my other message thread regarding v1.0.4 update bug.

V1.0.5 seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks for the prompt update!

You may have done this correctly, but in the event that someone else has not yet tried old sensors in the 3-wire ports, plugging the range finder into the Brain requires some care. The 3-wire ports on a V5 brain are labeled A through H. The two cables of the range finder have to be plugged into adjacent ports in the pairs AB, CD, EF, or GH. You cannot use other combinations, as, for example, BC, AD and FG will not work. The Output plugs into the lower port of the pair, and the Input plugs into the higher. Like this:

A, C, E, G - Output cable

B, D, F, H - Input cable

If you put the cables in the reverse order, or in non-adjacent ports, the range finder will not work.

Moving the radio fixed the issue until 1.0.5 came out, but it is interesting that they have to be in one of those pairs.