Limit Switches not working

Original thread from official answers.
where screen shot jpg of the motor configure popup box is posted.

Copied here, note that “Unofficial answers forum” have lots of people who can answer them (open source model), while official answers have only a few (usually just one person), so offical response time is almost always longer.
Official answers can’t respond to every user coding error either. Typically, I’d work through the user-support until we agreed it was NOT a user-coding issue, particularly in areas where “I have virtually no experience”.

Since you didn’t post the entire code, my second hypothesis is ‘other errors’.
My first hypothesis is “fuzzy thinking”;
“doesn’t work” is a bad description. Try this format:
1 What actions did you do?
2 What did you expect the response to be?
3 What was the actual response?

For example:
1 action: I pressed both pos and neg limit switch at same time, and wiggled controller to move the motor.
2 expected: I expected the motor to move with the controller.
3 actual: The motor didn’t move in either direction.

In this example, the problem is with #2, expectation is wrong.
If both limit switches are pressed, the motor is not supposed to move.

Yep, its hard to get motivated to do anything when you are depressed.
Also, pressing a limit switch doesn’t normally make the motor move, it makes it NOT move, so “nothing happens” sounds about right.

Bump, as I see from the official answers forum that you are still having trouble.

Since the debugging method you are currently using is not working,
you might try using the debug description listed above,
(1 action, 2 expected, 3 actual) and see if that works any better.

jgraber is correct, you can often get helpful information posting in the unofficial section of the forums.

I setup your conditions in EasyC V4.0.2.0 and everything works electrically (although I only have joystick 1 available), however, I would make the following changes. These assume that both motors are driving the same mechanical part. I don’t think you need to reverse both the motor direction and the limit switch logic as (and I’m guessing here as we don’t know your exact setup) these essentially cancel each other. Use the same limit switch for positive on both drives, the same for negative. The motor inversion will automatically take care of reversing the drive but what is considered positive limit and negative limit does not change. Here is a capture of some simple code to try.