line follower sensor bracket broken

We have broken the mounting tab off a line follower sensor. Can I connect a piece of vex steel with a vex bolt and vex nut to form a new mounting bracket. This would require unscrewing the sensor, drilling a hole in its side to put a screw in from the inside to connect the new metal bracket.
No modification to any electronics is involved. Is this legal?

I’m pretty sure that this is not legal as it is modifiing the line sensor which is an electronic component. You should probably enter this question and your other one in the official Clean Sweep Q&A.

No clue about whether or not it’s legal; but if that doesn’t work, maybe you could try ziptying it (across the red area but not over the sensor i.e. the actual hole from which light is measured) or maybe use two or more angle gussets (the small pieces with the rails and the 90 degree bend in them) and sandwich the whole device (with the sensor lookng “through” those rails so as to not interfere with the reading)

it don’t think it would be legal but it might be but you could put zip ties around it and it wouldn’t involve cutting anything on the sensor that could be easily be mistaken as a change to the electronics it would also be more adjustable with zip ties maybe or it could completely fail :stuck_out_tongue: