Line Follower Using Optical Sensor

I’ve unsuccessfully searched for some help on using an optical sensor to make a line following robot. I utilize blue “gym tape” on the floor of my shop. We have a group of students who are about to start working on this project. The kits are brand new to our district and have been awesome. But…I’m hitting a dead end on this one. I measured the floor with the Hues menu and the floor is showing as 0 and the blue line as 240(if I did this correctly). So, it seems as though the robot is seeing those colors. I am aware that you can write the program with it either detecting the color (red/blue/etc) or seeing the Hue value. Unfortunately, I’m striking out.

If there is anyone willing to help out with a few programming examples, there are several hundred Middle School kids who will be appreciative!

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Try using the “Brightness” value instead of the color/hue. This can help differentiate between light and dark surfaces and could detect a black/blue line of a light color surface.

Screen Shot 2022-03-01 at 2.32.37 PM

I’ve tried that. I’m pretty good at making programs that don’t work. Does anyone have a screenshot of one that will that you’d be willing to attach?

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