Line Tracker Help For VEXcode Text

Does anyone know how to program the line tracker in VEXcode Text? I am trying to use it as a limit switch but am having an issue where what’s detected has to be right up against the sensor. In VEXcode Text, is the line tracker programmed based off of the percentage value or the analog value?

You should use the 12bit range when using the line tracker, it will display values from 0-2095. A good distance between the object and line sensor is about an inch or less

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Is there a way to call that value in VEX code? Like how u can distinguish between the velocityUnits for motors.

This would be for 12 bit but there is also 4 bit and 8 bit


The sensor should be 1/8" away from the floor or surface you are trying to detect the line on. So if your robot is moving you won’t pick up the line until you are right on it.


If you are planning to turn the sensor away from floor onto the game object, please, be aware that ambient light in the room could greatly affect the results. If lights at the competition fields are different you will have a problem.