Line Tracking and Fence Gussets

Noticed that the white line tracking electrical tape is pushed right up to the mid-field fence gussets?
Hoping we can get a 1" reprieve from this in the next round of Starstruck field specifications. I imagine strafing as a big part of autonomous this year, and your sensor, if you choose to use one, will forever be whacking these gussets as the line is tracked.

Anyone else see this as an issue?

You may have to back up a touch or have the line followers be the furthest part forward on your robot and have them turned 90 degrees from normal to not whack into the fence gusset.

Yep, but if you are tracking, which means you may waver a bit on/off the black/white interface, you will hit the gusset. Even if it’s 90 degrees rotated and at the tip. I would think?
If they backed it off an inch it would give some clearance.

I think that you will have to just use than line as reference rather than following it. Use it as a distance bench mark so that you know how far you are from the fence.

It also marks the edge of the near zone, moving it back may confuse refs.

Wonder if the near zone just be the centerline under the fence?

We would probably just measure to the fence, but it seems to make more sense to make the line follow line something you could follow.

Well the lines aren’t just for following, they are also there to mark the zones as Jpearman said. The exact boundaries of the zones are important, so arbitrarily moving the lines would affect scoring. Making the fence the boundary between the opposing near zones wouldn’t work either because you can’t touch your opponents’ zone, so having a neutral zone around the fence is important for driving near it.

Yeah, just looking for an inch :slight_smile:
I’ll ask on the official questions, guess they can just say no.