Line Tracking Trouble

I am having a problem with my line tracking program. When I run the program to check to see what the values are (or the difference between) white and black, the difference in value is only 10. It seems that the shadow of the robot is affecting its ability to read the lines on the paper. It is currently reading between 38 and 42 for the low value and 48-50 for the high value. Is there any way that these values can be adjusted? This does not seem to fit with what I have found on line with regards to other peoples sensor readings. Any help or insight on this issue would be very greatly appreciated.

Hello shodai,

Thank you for posting on the VEX forum. This is a document explaining how the Line Sensor works, some common problems, and how to fix those problems.

Two of the most common problems are:

  1. The ambient radiation is saturating the Line Sensor. Building a shield around your sensor will help keep out ambient radiation and allow your Line Sensor to function properly in a greater range of conditions.
  2. The Line Sensor may be too close or too far from the floor. The optimal distance from the Line Sensor to the floor is 3mm or about 1/8".

Good Luck with your Line Sensor! We hope this was helpful.
VEX Support