linear lift question

Is there any way to make every stage on a continuous elevator lift raise at once, or do you need a cascade lift for that?

Continuous lift:

Cascade lift:

EDIT: Sorry, I didn’t read the question very clearly. Yes, you need a cascade lift for all stages to move at the same time.

Thanks, that’s awesome, but how does it work?
Do you have a diagram of the chain and connections or something?

I just realized that that’s a cascade lift.

take a look at this thread from last years game

That’s a cascade lift.

I would recommend the cascade lift. If all the stages move at once, it’s not really an elevator lift, and it will require significant mechanical redesigning.

Would it be better to have a cascade lift or a continuous lift geared up to really high speeds?

I would wait until the end of April to ask that question because it will depend on what next year’s game is.