Linear Motion Kit - 276-1926

Happy Monday - we have a new product announcement for you:

VEX Linear Motion Kit - P/N: 276-1296 - USD$24.99

The Linear Motion Kit provides a method for VEX builders to create linear mechanisms. Utilize the low friction slide rails (two lengths included - 12" and 17.5") for your own mechanisms or combine them with included Rack Brackets and VEX Rack Gears (not included) to build direct driven linear actuators. Each of the plastic slide trucks has self-tapping holes for VEX 8-32 screws which allows for easy assembly.

More information available on the product page:

I just want to say, thank you so very much! This has been eagerly anticipated by a lot of people.

This is the greatest news I have heard all year.

I love the 17.5 linear slide! Those will help out!

If I am correct, the inner slide rails will go inside of the linear slide. Won’t they create more friction on the rails? Or do they go just prevent them from bending? Some please explain!

The metal rail is just the structure… there are plastic “trucks” which run on the rail. There is an “outer truck” which goes on the outside of the rail, and an “inner truck” which goes on the inside of the rail.

This configuration allows for much more versatility of design (you can use these in a LOT of ways) while also providing a better, more efficient solution.

Does that answer your question?


wow, best news since the invention of the tv! ;):smiley:

Yes, that answers my question. After seeing the inventors guide on these, it does look like you can do a lot more with the slides now.

These look like an outstanding addition to the Vex lineup! Very versatile and easy to use - much in the same spirit as the new turntables. It looks like the plastic slide trucks could serve as couplers to make longer slides possible (might have to file the metal edges a bit near the joint to avoid catching, though).

A couple questions:

  1. Does IFI plan to continue making & selling the older metal-on-metal slides?

  2. Would you consider making just the slide trucks available as a replacement part, since they are likely to get worn/damaged much more rapidly than the tracks?


  • Dean

Hi Dean,

  1. Yes, we have no plans to discontinue the old slides in the immediate future. Longer term… we’ll see what the demand is.

  2. We’re not currently setup to do this but it would always be an option in the future… I’ll add this to “the list” as a possible new product. No promises.


I have heard of “Self-tapping screws” before, but this is the first reference to “Self-tapping holes”.
The inner slide blocks look similar in concept to the IGUS linear slides that are provided to BEST.

We were surprised how well it works.
The screws go in without too much effort, and they stay in. If you keep twisting past “lock” the hole strips out a little bit… but the screw stays in. If you remove a screw from a “stripped” hole, the hole is still useable.

Go figure. :smiley:


no offence but i think this may have just killed vex for me, it makes it way to easy now, i could get the 30 inches of motion with only one slider set up i honestly dont like the new invention though it looks well engineered the concept makes it to easy on teams i have the same issue with the bearings

Perhaps the goals will be 40" high next year :slight_smile: I don’t think it necessarily makes it’s easier, our team has spent most of it’s money for this year and have a design (although not too successful yet) that I doubt the students will want to change just because there is a new part. Anyway, it’s looks interesting, look forward to seeing some examples using it.

When VEX raises the floor for us, push the ceiling higher. Build something amazing with these, that would have been beyond your capabilities previously.

And how exactly does this make single stage, 30" motion possible, anyways?

The new parts may make some things easier, but that can only help beginning teams to be able to compete against the more experienced teams. I think the new parts open up more possibilities that weren’t feasible before. I just ordered my Linear Motion Kit and I love the Turntable Bearing Kit. I see all kinds of possibilities with the new kit!

Just my 2 cents :),

Now I would like to see an elevator similar to 1103’s with this. I wonder if it would be better then the original…

I’m sure we’ll see several of those over the course of the year, and I think they will be better because so many teams have had problems with getting the metal slides to slide well.

Probably not haha. It may actually be worse because it would add an extra 6 inches of weight per slider. However I have not checked and compared the weight specs on the old and new slides, so I can not make a final judgement.

im pretty sure you can get just one set of slides to reach 30" (17.5 x 2 = 35")
and that still gives 5" of room to overlap/attach things, ect

i agree with Paul T though, about how releasing this will only make teams more lazy and less innovative
but who knows, maybe the teams that are already doing really well will find more astonishing ways to implement full size rails