Linear Punch Stall

I am having problems with my motors on linear punch stalling. I am using 36/9 slipgear and 3 high speed motors. I can make the high goal with 97% accuracy however it starts to stall after 10 balls or so are launched. I thought this was a major issue falling under the elastics. I am using 4 #64 rubber bands along with 2 #33 rubber bands, I attempted to remove some rubber bands this resulted in shooting short of the high goal. My actuator is a steel C-channel 20 holes long, possibly a shorter C-channel and using aluminum may help? Also the contact goes through the ball at about 1". Also my motors are hooked up in series ports 2,3,4. Possibly this could also play a factor in stalling.
Thanks for all your help

We are using 4 motors and 3 #64 elastics plus a #32 elastic. using 3 motors we stall. if you can afford it add another motor, but if you cant. fire in bursts.

I have seen 2R make it work with the exact same setup that I am running. Any ideas on how three high speed motors could work. I though that the punch and the single flywheel is a good idea and I am trying to place 3 motors on each of the mechanisms.

Make sure there is no friction on the linear slides

I would check for friction in the slider rails first, and then change out the puncher to aluminium.

Also, a 2 motor flywheel is easy to make, unless u want to shoot from mid court and back, so you could spare 1 more motor for the puncher.

how far are you pulling back the piston?

If you have your motors in ports 2, 3, and 4 , you may want to consider dispersing that load into the two separate breakers. The vex cortex has two separate breakers from 1-5, and 6-10. This may help in preventing your PTC in your motors from tripping. Also be cautious of your power expander if you are using one. Whenever we used a flywheel, the motors were tripping after 45 seconds because all of the mechanisms motors were connected into the power expander. This could help solve some of the issues you’re having.