Linear Puncher Help.

We have been working on a linear puncher with a slip gear for quite a while now but can’t get the power we need or the angle to get the ball to the high goal. Appreciate the Help and Thanks.

I will post pictures later today.

Using a High Strength 60 tooth Gear about 20-25 teeth cut off.
The Slip Gear has a 84 tooth gear on the same axle, on a different axle the 84 is connected to a metal 12 tooth gear then connected to a high torque motor.

How many rubber bands are you using? What did you mount at the end of the sliding part to hit the ball?

The angle is really important, especially for tuning power. You need significantly more power to shoot into the high goals if the angle is too low or high. I’d say that around 30 degrees is reasonable. From there it’s a matter of tuning power and compression (how far the puncher head goes past the ball holder).

Just my preference, but, a catapult is much easier to make and tune.

Not really, I have mine fairly compact, just put them on the base first then built around them.

What is your fire rate and accuracy with your catapult? I was able to go l get one firing at about 1.2 seconds per ball, but would have to load and aim every shot.

Sorry, we keep things on the down low here in TX. :stuck_out_tongue:

But there will be reveal videos from teams down here, so you’ll still have an opportunity to figure out how good we are.

Is the gear ratio really necessary? Most teams that I’ve seen that use a slip gear don’t have an external gear ratio, let alone one that high. Maybe you should consider using more elastics and adding another motor if you can spare it.