Linear Puncher Rack Gear Problem

My team has started to build a linear puncher for worlds and is running into some problems with rack gears. When our slip gear runs, it pulls the puncher back until it runs over the little gap between the two rack gears and rattles and slips a bit when at this point. It then continues its course until it reaches the slip. However, it loses power because of the rattling and slipping when running over the gap between the rack gears. Has anyone experienced similar problems?

Do you have enough spacing underneath your slide trucks to allow the gear to mesh properly with the rack gear? Our team uses 3 nylon washers underneath each (external) slide truck to allow the slip gear to mesh with the rack gear. This may help your issue. Could you post a picture of your setup?

The gap between the rack gears is not supposed to be big enough to have a significant effect. Could you post a picture of your setup?

We had the exact same problem, and we fixed it by what @BotJovi35 said. We just added one or two more metal washers below the racks and that fixed our problem. Make sure when you add the washers that you align the racks well also.

Instead of adding washers, we added a strip of 1 by 10 flats over the trucks.

Thanks for the help everyone! I added 3 nylon washers underneath the racks and it fixed the problem.