Linear Puncher Variable Distances

No…I think the best way is to shoot low and make sure that you can score from mostly anywhere on field. Only other system I can think of is a motor that changes piston angle

Pneumatic piston to change where the ball sits on the launcher should work. If you are using 12 motors though, mount your launcher low enough to fire into the net from anywhere on the field.

In this video you can see the mechanism Team 62 used to make the layup shot with their nautilus gear launcher. Like @3921 mentioned, they used pneumatics to change where the ball sits on the robot, allowing them to make both the full field shot and the shot right up against the goal.

I had a theory that if you had a transmission with different two different number of teeth shaved off on a slip gear would work, but I have never tried to build one because I thought wasting a motor for such reason isn’t worth it. I imagine you can make a transmission like it using a pneumatic piston.