Linear racks

So my team is trying to build a mobile goal lift with linear racks but we don’t know how linear racks work. Could someone post a picture of theirs please?

What is a rack? I’ve never heard of them, also if you don’t have that much experience with whatever that thing is. I advise you not to use it. Test it when you have leisure time. I think this is what you are talking about.
If so that’s called a Linear Slide

the rack gear forms the linear slide. VEX’s official shop calls it the gear rack v2 (16pack)

Oh, you mean a rack and pinion, I assume. Here’s what I know:

To make a rack and pinion function, you need to drive a gear against the “rack” to manipulate the direction of the thing you are moving. It is used in scissor lifts to make them extend upwards, and have been used for mogo intakes and elevator lifts. When making your rack and pinion, I would advise using 12-tooth gears to move it. Here are a few examples of them in action:

A rack and pinion isn’t made to pick up the mobile goals, though. I had to switch to a four-bar lift because it was so weak, so keep that in mind. Good luck!