Linear slide lengths

Do you leave your linear slides at full length? If your elevator has 8" of travel and 2.5" of length not used (for stability), do you use (2) 10.5" slides, or do you use (2) 6.5" slides? Or, do you use something different and why?

We never use up the entire length of the linear slide. We always keep about 2.5" left for stability.

On VEX linear slides I would never push it more than two inches of overlap, on my custom linear slides I can easily push it to an inch to half an inch overlap, and still have the same stability as VEX slides. This year on Rooster^3 we run the 10.5 inch slides with 6 inches of extension, that was it. perfectly stable.

  • Andrew

I was asking if you cut your slides down. For example, to make a 17.5" lift, would you cut the slides down so that they only had 2.5" of overlap at the bottom as well, maximum overlap, or something in between? Would you cut the slides if you were making a 17.5" lift?

You want to cut the linear slides on a lift? I wouldn’t cut them, but I’m not sure I get what you mean.

The slides could be cut so that they weigh less, with 2.5" overlap in the elevator’s bottom position as well as 2.5" overlap when they are in the top position. The slides would be attached with 2.5" overlap, instead of the usual 12" or 17.5" overlap. If you look at JPearman’s chain elevator animation, the linear slides look like they are cut this way there.

Hi stuffstuff

We cut a slider down to 2 x 5 inch sliders for a device on an early season robot. We did not have room for full length sliders and only needed 2 inches of pneumatically pushed travel. We had no issue after carefully removing and sanding smooth all the jagged edges from the initial cut.

Cheers, Paul